Fire-N-30 Seconds® (6 Pack)


It’s the only patented fire-starter that requires no matches, no flint and no friction to ignite!

From extreme outdoor adventures to relaxed family outings, Fire-N-30 Seconds® is guaranteed to start a fire, even in rainy, snowy and windy conditions.

Creates up to 8-inch flames, burning at over 800℉ for 10 minutes.

Can be stored indefinitely.



Welcome to the world of Fire-N-30 Seconds, where starting fires has never been easier! Our revolutionary fire stick for starting fires is a game-changer in the world of outdoor activities. No more struggling with traditional fire-starting methods; with Fire-N-30 Seconds, you can spark a fire in just half a minute. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a backyard enthusiast, our Fire Starter Packets will ensure you have a reliable and efficient source of ignition.


  1. The Power of Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Packets
  2. Quick ignition time: With an impressive ignition time of just 30 seconds, our fire stick for starting fires is the ultimate solution for quick and efficient fire lighting. Say goodbye to long waits and frustrations, and welcome the instant ignition that sets your outdoor adventures ablaze in no time.
  3. Convenience: Experience the utmost convenience and ease with Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Packets. Simply ignite the stick, and watch as it effortlessly catches fire, allowing you to focus on enjoying your outdoor activities without the hassle of traditional fire-starting methods.
  4. Reliable: Our fire sticks for starting fires are not only quick and easy to use, but they are also incredibly reliable and effective. Their specially designed formulation ensures a consistent and powerful flame, even in challenging weather conditions.

III. Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Sticks: Your Reliable Ignition Solution

  • With their compact and portable design, you can take them on camping trips, and hiking adventures, or simply keep them handy for backyard bonfires.
  • They are suitable for various fire-starting applications, including campfires, BBQ grills, fireplaces, and more.
  • The Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Sticks utilize a unique and advanced technology that guarantees a consistent and strong flame every time.
  • Our specially crafted formula includes environmentally friendly components, making them safe to use and leaving no harmful residue behind.
  1. Unleash the Potential: Applications of Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starters
  2. Ideal for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures: Say goodbye to the frustration of struggling to light a fire, and embrace the convenience of instant ignition wherever you go.
  3. Perfect for emergency preparedness and survival situations: Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter sticks are perfect for emergency preparedness and survival situations, ensuring you can quickly create a reliable source of warmth and light when it is needed the most.
  4. Suitable for backyard fire pits, barbecues, and more: Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Sticks are suitable for various applications, including lighting fire pits and barbecues, making your outdoor gatherings more enjoyable and memorable.
  5. How to Use Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Packets and Sticks
  6. Select a suitable fire-starting location and gather your firewood.
  7. Take one Fire Starter Packet or Stick and place it in the center of your fire pit or designated area.
  8. Light the stick using a match or lighter.
  9. Watch as the flames ignite quickly and spread across your firewood.
  10. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your roaring fire.

Tips and Tricks for achieving the best results with Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starters:

  • For windy conditions, shield the flame with your body or use a windproof lighter to ensure successful ignition.
  • Break the Fire Starter Stick into smaller pieces for smaller fires or use multiple packets for larger fires.
  • Store Fire Starter Packets and Sticks in a dry, cool place to maintain their effectiveness and prolong their shelf life.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. How many Fire Starter Packets are included in a single pack?

Each pack contains six fire-starting sticks, ensuring you have multiple ignition sources for your outdoor adventures.

  1. Are Fire-N-30 Seconds Fire Starter Packets or Sticks safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! Our fire starter sticks are crafted with safety in mind. They use environmentally friendly components and leave no harmful residue behind.

VII. Purchase Options and Pricing

At Matchless Fires, we believe in transparent pricing. Our prices are competitive and reflect the quality and convenience our Fire Starters provide. Choose the package that suits your needs and enjoy the ease of starting fires with Fire-N-30 Seconds.

  1. Starter Pack (6 Fire Starter Sticks): Ideal for occasional outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Family Pack (12 Fire Starter Sticks): Perfect for frequent campers and larger gatherings.

VIII. Contact Information and Customer Support

For inquiries and customer support, please reach out to our team at [email protected] or call us at 541-420-2001. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


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