About Us

One day I was talking to a good friend that is an extreme survivalist.  He was telling me how there wasn’t a self-igniting fire-starter that can start in severe weather conditions.  Waterproof matches and magnesium stickers just don’t work in adverse weather

I created a fire starter that will work in all types of weather with a flame that is 3” wide, over 8” high and well over 800 degrees.  No friction is needed for ignition!  Everything is self-contained, which means no matches, magnesium rods or rubbing sticks together.  All fires start burning from the inside and burn outwards.  That way, weather cannot affect the performance of the fire starter.

The fire stick worked so well that I started building them for family, friends and neighbors.  I then decided to start selling them to the public on social media.  They will not be sold in stores.

When designing this product, the main criteria and number one priority was safety.

With our six-pack of fire sticks in our video contest, we are looking for people that are outdoor enthusiasts that are using our fire sticks.  Just upload your video to YouTube and send us the link.  If you are chosen, we will place your video on our website and send you a six pack of fire starters as a reward.  Be creative!

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Fire-N-30 Seconds®

It’s the only patented fire-starter that requires no matches, no flint and no friction to ignite!

From extreme outdoor adventures to relaxed family outings, Fire-N-30 Seconds® is guaranteed to start a fire, even in rainy, snowy and windy conditions.

Creates up to 8-inch flames, burning at over 800℉ for 10 minutes.

Can be stored indefinitely.

Only $25